I understand more than the ancients, because I keep thy precepts.

What is it about this modern age that has everybody scrambling to figure out how they did things in the ancient times?

“In ancient times, life was, like, waaaay better. People ate, like, real food, y’know?”

“Since the European domination of the world, beautiful ancient customs have been lost.

“Carbs are killing us. Cavemen never ate Panera Bread.”

Experts describe the lifestyles of the ancients with incredible conviction and stunning detail, especially considering how all the evidence they have to go on is minimal. Aside from primary sources that were written in those ancient times, the usual starting point for long, drawn out arguments about how awesome things were back then is often nothing more than a chipped tooth or a bent, eroded artifact.

Excuse me, but I for one am not too impressed by ancient peoples. Societies who roasted their children alive, treated women like brainless sex slaves, and subjected entire people groups to torture and slavery at the whim of a tyrant just aren’t worth copying. Contrary to modern opinion, which is trending back toward many of those barbaric customs as we speak, those weren’t the days. People weren’t happier in the dashing days of the bloodthirsty Assyrians than they were in the more recent, uncool days of camp meetings, tent revivals, and Beaver Cleaver families.

The truth is, people haven’t changed that much.

We laugh, we love, we want to have kids who excel, we want to excel. We get tired, nervous, and hungry just like ancient people did.

How do we know we’re the same as they were?

We know through the stories penned in the world’s greatest book, which is also the world’s bestselling book – the Holy Bible.

In the days of the Psalms, the inspired poet wrote:

“I understand more than the ancients,
because I keep thy precepts.”

Yes, even in his days, people assumed that ancient people magically had some corner on knowledge and how things were supposed to be done.

This guy nailed it, though. He understood that meditating on the words of God, which are alive and powerful at the moment you read them and as long as you contemplate them, could engender more understanding than all the ancient graybeards could ever impart.

If you’re looking for a source of understanding, read the Bible. Meditate on what you read; think, I can understand more than the ancient people because I keep God’s precepts.


The mission of this blog is to provide young women and teenage girls with age-old tools that are better than the rusty artifacts people are trying to pawn off today. Lies from popular voices like Fifty Shades offer girls the same dangerous, rusty excuses for power that ancient civs offered the young girls as they ushered them into grimy temples to become sex slaves of the mighty. Only the truth of the Bible offers clear vision how to escape enticing lies that come from all directions.

For girls who are wishing some older woman would come alongside them and coach them in the right direction, this blog was designed for you. The truth is, there’s really no old woman alive who can give you all the right answers, though. Only by falling in love with the Bridegroom, Jesus Christ, who is the Word of God, can you gain understanding…more than the ancients.

God bless, and thanks for reading! 🙂

It’s your turn. What have you read in the Holy Bible that is better than the best ancient wisdom you could unearth?

Your turn.

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