The Fun of Learning Something New

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a catastrophe catapulted our nation back a couple centuries?

If your survival was dependent on your ability to live off the grid, have you ever wondered how you’d fare?

Years ago, this question would have scared me into denial.

“But that won’t happen. Y2K was a joke.”

“I’m sure we’d figure something out.”

“I don’t like to think about bad things happening…” so I didn’t.

Until I had my first child. Suddenly my tendency to hide my head in the sand didn’t cut it as I stared into those trusting brown eyes. No longer was I willing to trust “them” to take care of me and mine. I must learn about the world God made for myself and figure out all the ways He’s provided for life, health, and well-being.

Friends warned me of the dangers of blind trust, telling me about their tragedies that had ended in disease and death as a result of trusting “experts” without question.

I realized with alarm that if I trusted others to make decisions for me and they turned out bad, the fault was partly mine for not exercising due diligence to determine whether the advice I was given was sound or not – especially when so many people had warned me of my responsibility from their own personal experiences!

With such a great big world and so many conflicting opinions, intimidated doesn’t begin to describe how I felt, but I was finally willing to learn.

Suddenly, I began to be fascinated by random subjects like herbs (which had always weirded me out), gardening (which I had vowed as a whining, sweaty child that “when I grow up I’ll NEVER have a garden!), cooking from scratch (which had always sounded kind of uncivilized, like making food from dirt or something), and all other manner of unconventional skills that my younger, more “sophisticated” self would have rolled my eyes at.

Where It All Started: Plantain

One of the first things that convinced me that I really needed to study herbs was my discovery of plantain [the weed, not the banana cousin]. This ubiquitous plant is found worldwide in almost every lawn that isn’t immaculately weed free.

I had learned in this article that plantain was capable of drawing out poisons due to its astringent properties. I was intrigued, but I had no experience with any herbs besides the aloe plant that had always soothed our burns as a child.

Then one day my little brown-eyed boy was playing barefoot under the apple tree. Bees were buzzing, he was blowing dandelion fuzz…well, I’m not exactly sure about the dandelion fuzz, but I definitely remember the shriek that he gave as he stepped on one of the bees that was feasting on a bruised, fallen apple.

His little tan foot began to swell immediately as the pain really began to register in his brain. As he howled, my eyes fell upon a plantain weed that was growing right next to the rotten apple.


My curiosity great, I snatched up a couple leaves, looked them over, and popped them in my mouth just like the girl in the article described. I chewed it furiously until I decided it looked sufficiently slimy, and I smeared the goop on my crying but interested little boy. I counted to thirty and then asked him how it felt. “It doesn’t hurt anymore,” he sniffled.

I examined his foot, and all the swelling had completely disappeared. I was amazed; all this had happened within a couple minutes of the bee sting, and I had seen his foot swelling quickly.

As my little boy skipped off to play, I realized that God had created that “weed” right where it was needed. What else had He created to heal our ailments that I didn’t know about?

I was hooked on herbs.

I also got stung a few weeks later, and I was thrilled to try the plant out for myself. Sure enough, after about thirty seconds of applying a chewed-up paste of plantain leaf, the pain was gone. I have tried it on other people, and without fail, they are as intrigued as I was about the miraculous gifts of healing God has created all around us.

If you’ve ever used essential oils with good success, you have used herbs – just herbs that have already been prepared. In my opinion, it never hurts to know a little bit more about how to be healthy and safe. By knowing how to identify herbs safely and how to prepare them effectively, you can avail yourself of the healing benefits God has woven into creation, even if you someday aren’t able to access suppliers of your essential oils.

How much better is it to get wisdom than gold!
and to get understanding rather to be chosen than silver!

What new skill has intrigued you?

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