Top 10 Reasons to Bring Your Bible to School

You drag a brush through your hair, grab your bag, and glance out the window to see if the bus is on the way. Seeing it’s not, you decide to snatch a few seconds of Bible reading before starting your day.

Before you can even find your place, your mom calls, “Bus is here!” You shut the Bible and imagine what it would be like to actually have time to read it. Suddenly you think about all that dead time on the bus between here and school, and you imagine bringing your Bible along.

In case such a thought has ever entered your mind, let me give you a few reasons to bring your Bible with you and actually read it during the day. After all, a closed Bible isn’t much more helpful that a rabbit’s foot or a lucky charm – it might make you feel spiffy, but the power is in its words, not its cover.


10. Because you can.

Seriously. If people can read all manner of horror, you can definitely read the book that was the reason for starting the first public schools. You can.

9. Because other people don’t know they can, but they would if they knew they could. 

When I finally started bringing my Bible to school as a high school senior, I was amazed by the numbers of underclassmen who would crowd around me as I read. I discovered I wasn’t the only person there who loved God’s word. Others just needed to see someone else carrying it, and they were drawn like bees to honey.

Even if many of my senior friends thought I was a wee bit out there.

8. Because you need strength to get through the day victoriously.

There is simply no substitute for the Bible for defeating discouragement.

7. Because you have friends who need God but don’t know anything about Him.

If you’ve ever wondered how to share your faith with your friends, breaking out the Bible is a great way to get the conversation started.

6. Because it identifies you without you having to say a word.

People will automatically expect things of you if they see you with a Bible. Although it does add a measure of pressure, knowing that people are watching to see if you’re a hypocrite is great motivation to keep you from making really bad decisions.

5. Because it forces you not to fear people.

If you’re the timid type (like I was), carrying your Bible forces you out of your comfort zone. It’s a major reason I changed from a bashful bumpkin into a person who no longer feared the opinions of others (much).

4. Because it centers you.

Having a Bible with you just reminds you of eternity. It puts everything in perspective. It reminds you that the fact that you’re dateless doesn’t spell end of your life. It reveals if you’d be better off dateless than soothing that boy’s wounded ego again and again.

3. Because it honors God.

‘Nuff said.

2. Because it carries promises in it. 

Any book that promises to make whatever you do to prosper if you’ll just meditate on it deserves to be carried around and read often.

1. Because you are blessing others by simply bringing God’s word into the room.

Schools can be terribly dark places. God’s word gives light. Carry it!

Take it from one who knows the fear of carrying a Bible into a place where you’re not sure it’ll be welcomed: God blesses those who honor His word. Take a deep breath, grab your Bible, and plunge right into its living waters.

And if you find a soul that needs saving before you come up for air, invite them to come along.


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