Prayer for the Man With Warts

Hey. I’m really excited to share with you something I got!!

[Insert Chewbacca mom’s enthusiasm here.]
It’s about those annoying / frustrating / infuriating / heartbreaking traits of your husband, otherwise known as warts. Call them “Wierd And Ridiculously Troublesome Shenanigans. Or something like that.

Of course, if you aren’t married yet, you might not know about the warts.

Heh heh. You’ll spot them soon enough. Give it time. Right – he’s perfect. Suuuure.

Famous last words.

What is it about discovering a husband’s warts that suddenly blinds a woman to all of his amazing features?

I don’t know, but I’m guessing it happens to all of us. Suddenly the guy I was sure could do no wrong can’t do anything right – at least, in my eyes. The funny thing is that he really hasn’t changed…I have.

It’s a miserable existence, this disgust-of-hubby’s-warts. The only thing I’ve found that really beats it is prayer. Prayer really does change things. It can open my eyes like nothing else.

One of the greatest ways I’ve found to pray effectively is to pray (sincerely) the prayers of people who are wiser than I am. The very best prayers are those found in Scripture.

Well, today, I discovered a prayer for husbands that is so cool. *Insert giddy Chewbacca mom chuckle here* My friend, Mrs. Lynndel, shared it with me as a prayer she prays for her husband, and it is rich.

Are you ready for it? Now, this is for ME. Like, when it’s said and done at the end of the day, this is mine. I will keep it. For my own. Yes, I will share it with my daughters – I’m not a bad mom – but at the end of the day, it goes in my room. It is mine. My own. (Sorry if you haven’t seen Chewbacca Mom. You really should. Just make sure to visit the restroom first if you have a weak bladder and a weakness for contagious laughter. )

So, you wanna see what I got? It’s so great. I can’t wait to show you! 😀

Here you go.

Dear Lord, thank you for (insert husband’s name) and blessing me with a partner for life.

Open my eyes to see both my own shortcomings and his strengths.

Give me that heart of gratitude for him. Even in moments of mistakes, let me value him and honor him above myself. Let an attitude of honor and thankfulness fill our marriage and all that we do for all the years to come.

Open my eyes to see those things that matter most to him – and those things that hurt him.

If I’m operating under the wrong assumptions, please change my mind.

Help me to be the person he needs, so that our home can be filled with those rare and precious treasures.

Open my eyes to see the truth of how much he cares for me – even in moments of hurt. Help me to be wise and choose an attitude of mercy, and help me let go of my desire to judge him for his actions.

In Jesus’ name.

Amen, and AMEN!

🙂 Huh? Better than Chewbacca mom, huh? Well, praying a prayer like that regularly is sure to bring some good feeling, I’ll betcha.

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