Big Family Fun

I danced my fingers over the keys of my laptop, hoping inspiration would flow through the light tapping. I’ve hated leaving my blog silent lately, but even more I shudder to waste your time with stuff I wouldn’t care to read. So I’ve decided to share something I liked reading.

My husband is one of six. He and his siblings along with us spouses and their mother have a long-running group text that deserves to be published. Topics range from the silly to the sublime. You’d love the memes, but depending on who wins the next election I better not share some of them. I don’t want to end up in a concentration camp. Not that the NSA doesn’t all gather round to enjoy the latest streaming hilarity from our Epic Dorris Text Thread.

All that to say, a couple weeks ago my brother-in-law sent us this gem. I could extrapolate on it about the importance of being forthright and not hiding behind a stressed politeness, or talk about how it does no good to stew over rude people, but I think this gem says it all. Enjoy.


Have a nice day! Seriously, mean it. Good talk!

God bless! 😀




6 thoughts on “Big Family Fun

  1. LOL! I absolutely love this! As a transplant from a formal culture, to New England, I can really appreciate this. Love Stephen’s blending of bluntness, humor and graciousness.Thanks for sharing!


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