Guest Post by Jake the Superkid


Once upon a time, far, far away, there lived a raccoon. This particular raccoon went by the name of Randy Raccoon. Randy Raccoon lived in the forest near a very big neighborhood called “Greenview” because the people that lived there had a view of the green forest where Randy Raccoon lived.

One night as Randy Raccoon was washing his hands to get ready for bed, he smelled something that smelled so wonderful he could feel his heart dancing a jig. “I just have to find out where that enchanting smell is coming from!” he said. He climbed up into the tip-top branches of a very tall tree. When he got to the top of the tree he saw something that made him almost lose his balance.

A big, strong man was throwing a huge bag of leftovers into a metal trash can. “I have to go get some of those leftovers that smell so good!” said Randy Raccoon.

He climbed out of the tip-top branches of the very tall tree. He tiptoed into the yard of the very big, strong man, and knocked over the can so the big bag of leftovers would fall out. He made a hole in the bag and started to eat some of the leftovers when he heard a noise behind him.

Randy Raccoon looked backwards and saw the big, strong man holding something that Randy Raccoon didn’t recognize. The big, strong man lifted up the thing…and hit Randy Raccoon on the head with a shovel.

And that was the end of Randy Raccoon.


4 thoughts on “Guest Post by Jake the Superkid

  1. And the moral of the story is if you’re going to eat leftovers from the trash can, take ’em and run! 😉 I enjoyed this story. How old is the talented author?

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