Pizza and a Show

Trying to appear bored, I shut the front door so my guests wouldn’t be able to see the driveway when it arrived. My husband, for all they knew, was just picking up the pizza. Still, if he pulled in, and they happened to glimpse their surprise sitting in the passenger’s seat…

I held my breath, hoping my nerves and the closed door hadn’t tipped them off that something was up.

Two-year-old David Alan was keeping them nicely preoccupied. All afternoon, he had entertained them from his swing where he fished, made food in the imaginary stove in the hollow of the maple tree, and ate pretend pie from the refrigerator conveniently installed next to the stove.


If only they knew the treat that awaited them.

Meanwhile at the Nashville International Airport

My brother, an Air Force second lieutenant at Vandenberg AFB, had called me a couple months earlier. Anytime he called, it was an event. With his uber-technical nuclear missileer training, we knew he couldn’t afford much time to shoot the breeze, even if he wasn’t a man of few words.

“Rebekah, I’m coming home in a few weeks. Don’t tell Daddy and Mama.”

Now David was on his way home from the airport with John in tow. Once they picked up the pizzas, they should arrive any minute.

As my parents sat on the couch waiting for David and the pizzas to arrive, Daddy said John had called that morning. “He said he was good. He was planning to go to dinner with some friends.”

I silently snickered. “That’s great!”

Mama said, “I asked him if he goes to church with them. He said they used to go to his church, but they don’t anymore. He says they’re good people.”

I hurried away lest my face betray my glee. A few minutes later the phone rang. It was John, whom they supposed was in California. When the call was dropped they figured it was the connection. What they didn’t know was that David and John were about a mile away at Billy Brooks’ hill, where all our calls get dropped.

Why don’t I let you just watch it? 🙂 The movie starts when I’ve just picked up the phone. You see them look at each other when they realize John is the caller.


Here’s my perspective with the camera:


Isn’t God good to load us with benefits?

Have you ever surprised loved ones speechless? So, so fun!


6 thoughts on “Pizza and a Show

  1. Thank you, Rebekah, for sharing and reminding us of a Very happy day and a precious surprise. I remember it well, and we were totally surprised!!


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