Review of The Divide

In the award-winning Amish thriller, The Alliance, Jolina Petersheim’s mighty pen probed deep into the “what if’s” that keep many a survival webstore afloat.

In the sequel, The Divide, she digs deeper, striking nerve after raw nerve, both entwining readers to the unforgettable characters while holding up a mirror to show us what we’d be without the mysterious “consisting element” that keeps all our lives from spinning into oblivion.

An aeon beyond standard bonnet fiction, The Divide is the story of Leora, Moses, Jabil, and Sal, and how each of them faces their own weakness to save the day when it becomes their turn to do so.

Picking up where The Alliance left off, The Divide opens as desperate gangs invade the Amish community. Despite her desire to stay behind with Marine pilot Moses Hughes, Leora Ebersole reluctantly assists her community’s escape to the supposed safety of the Montana wilderness.

Moses braces himself for invasion, willing to use force to fight off the onslaught despite the Amish commitment to nonviolence. When he falls, Sal, the young mother, goes to great lengths to save him.

Jabil Snyder watches every night as Leora walks outside the perimeter of their new compound, knowing she’s hoping for Moses’s return. As one by one, community leaders fall, Jabil moves closer to the position of leadership he fears. He’s determined that without Leora, he’ll never be able to rise to the fearsome task before him.

Add to the plot a mafia-style terror group complete with interment camps, forced slavery, and an airplane ride that brings to mind the first scene of The Alliance, and you have the recipe for yet another Petersheim masterpiece.

A Gripping Sequel

If you’ve read The Alliance, you’ll find that these characters are beginning to feel like family, which makes the apocalyptic tone believable.

If you’ve never read the first book or if you’ve forgotten it, you’ll definitely want to start there since the books are so interwoven.

The book is replete with takeaways, but my favorite was to savor each moment as if it’s the last so I can love well.

It makes me want to pray, “So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.”

It makes me want to thank God for every convenience I enjoy, but even more, it makes me want to worship Him for being that “consisting element” that has kept my world from falling into chaos. By Him, truly, all things consist.

Thanks, Mrs. Petersheim, for another epic read. May your beautiful writing cause each reader to cherish every moment, never taking another undeserved day for granted. May it be true for me.




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