A Letter to My Lonely Younger Self on Prom Night

Dear Rebekah,

I see you slumped on the floor of your room. You feel like such a lonely dork, sitting out the prom. You kind of are, but that’s okay. I bet you’re remembering how the guy who asked you said people predicted the rest of your life you’ll regret refusing to go.

Guess what? At this minute he’s being crowned prom king with Tori as queen.

So that’s cool.

But I know tomorrow, as happy as you’ll be that the two people you’d pick got picked, you’re gonna feel outside the loop. Yeah, for the rest of the year get used to it. I know you think high school is really important in the grand scheme of things, that deep down, being out of the loop will scar you and you’ll carry it like a weight forever.

Ha! You won’t.

You won’t look back one second. If you only knew the adventures that await you.

I wish you’d stop moping. It’s pretty ridiculous, from my perspective. That glittery prom dress that you aren’t getting to wear? You are going to wear it so many times with the love of your life. You will enjoy much better nights than prom could have ever been. And there won’t be a single bad moment at any of them. No pressure, no partying, no pepper spray.

Jesus deserves better than a pity party.

I know, sitting there, that you think in the back of your mind that since you’re trying to honor God by skipping prom that He just might bless you, but you can’t see it.

Oh, girl. If you only knew the blessings that await you. The lonely lump in your throat that you’ve felt a lot lately is nothing compared with the happiness you’re going to enjoy in the not too distant future. Please swallow that lump and start loving the classmates around you. You’re gonna kick yourself for not getting over yourself. People matter, and your life will only be happy to the extent that you allow them to matter to you.

And God is going to be gracious, even though you haven’t been. You’re gonna meet some crazy cool people.

There’s gonna be Breezy. And Brittney. And Danica. And Maegan. And Jolina. Girls that you point, or that point you, to Jesus. Girls that challenge and change you. Guy friends to balance you out.

And David.

Very soon comes love, marriage, and a very full baby carriage.

You’re going to butcher chickens, teach school, and enjoy a taste of every profession you’ve ever desired. You’ll travel. Your daughter will give her heart to Jesus. You son will have his first migraine and hurl in front of the whole church while the preacher’s speaking. In the same night. You’ll appreciate even the dull moments.

If you only knew the times that I’ve looked back on nights like the lonely one you’re spending, remembering that seed of faith and how God delivered exceeding abundantly above all you thought He would.

It’s gonna keep you going, this night sitting on the rough carpet wondering if you’re as big a loser as you feel.

So chill. It’s all gonna be even better than you fear to dream. You aren’t missing anything this year except shining some joy on that senior class because of that lump in your throat. Please get over it. Go hug Daddy and Mama. Go bug the boys.

And go call Rachel. And pray for your sweet little sister. She’s a gift, and God’s got a plan for her you’re gonna want to watch unfold.

One more thing. I know right now you see yourself as some devout martyr, missing prom and all.

You should know that there will be times you fall. Hard. Jesus is the one who keeps you from falling – not you. When you fall, He’s the one who catches you and clothes you in His righteousness. Don’t focus on your goodness. Look to Jesus Christ and live.

Sleep good, Bekah.

Jesus loves you.


6 thoughts on “A Letter to My Lonely Younger Self on Prom Night

  1. I remember selling my tickets to a sold-out Prince concert as a way to “earn favor” and “pay penance” for missing choir practice. I wish I had known then that “Jesus is the One who keeps you from falling–not you. When you fall, He’s the One Who catches you and clothes you in His righteousness.” I still can use this reminder. Lovely!


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