If You Never Plant…

“And strawberries! We’ve never had strawberries in our garden! Please?”

Bekah flipped the Gurney’s catalog to the back, where variety after variety of scarlet juiciness screamed, “Buy ME!” She read the description of the top variety. “Possibly the biggest strawberry of all! Juicy fruit can be as big as peaches! A prolific, finely flavored Junebearer. Zones 5-10.”

Bekah smiled at eight-year-old Buddy. “Strawberries would be fun, huh? If only they didn’t take so long. We wouldn’t get any strawberries until next year.” She shook her head. “I don’t think we’ll get strawberries.”

Buddy slumped against her until he glimpsed the peaches. “Then peaches! Can we have peaches this year?” He grabbed the catalog, his eyes devouring the sunrise-hued fruits.

Bekah hated saying it. “Peaches take even longer, honey. If we planted a peach tree tomorrow, we probably wouldn’t get any peaches for at least five years. You’d be a teenager!”

“At least I’d be a happy teenager.” He slid off the couch and headed out to play.

She stared after him. At least I’d be a happy teenager.

She looked back at the catalog. Two years for a strawberry crop. Two years of hoeing, tilling, watering, tending. For strawberries.

Was it worth it?

Involuntarily, her eyes darted to the photo on the wall. How quickly years passed! Didn’t it seem like yesterday he was a baby? And now her eight-year-old reasoned with all the wisdom of a sage.

Unbidden, a verse replayed in her mind. “Cast thy bread upon the waters, for thou shalt find it after many days.”

But what if I mess it up? I’m clueless! What if I fail at growing fruit?

She remembered trying to teach Buddy to write. He’d been terrible at the beginning. Three short years later, he wasn’t half bad.

She could hear the old lady in the grocery store last week. “Make the most of ever’ day. You’ll never get it back agin.”

She stared at the order form. Two years, huh?

A few weeks later, she let Buddy help her slit open the tape and dig into the box. He gasped. “Gurney’s…Whopper Junebearing Strawberry! Mom!”

He dug deeper. He squealed. “Elberta Peach Tree!”

He lunged into her with a bear hug. She held on, savoring every second. He grinned up at her.

“I’m sure gonna be one happy teenager!”


How will you invest today to enjoy a harvest down the road?

6 thoughts on “If You Never Plant…

  1. Love this, Rebekah! Makes me want to plant our tiny garden! And invest wisely in my kids. Thank you for this inspiration. 🙂


  2. Sowing writing seeds today and trusting God for the harvest in tomorrows. A most palatable post! 🙂 ❤


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