Review of Bible Sleuth: New Testament

What a summer this has been! I’ve taken a summer break, so I hope you’ve been well, dear reader. Now, catching up, I’d like to share three book reviews with you. A ton of thanks to Tyndale and Bethany House Publishers for providing them in exchange for my honest review. (By the way, if you’re a writer friend, check out their book review programs here and here. It’s a great way to enjoy great quality books while learning about the behind-the-scenes publishing process.)

I chose Bible Sleuth: New Testament because I thought my kids might enjoy it, and I was right.

This is a new and improved “Where’s Waldo” -type book that plunges your little detectives into the time of the New Testament. Each page is filled with intricate scenes and various pictures to find.

My little ones enjoyed the book, but I think the older ones enjoyed it even more because of the humor that’s carefully sprinkled throughout. The artist/author, Jose Perez Montero, has put great thought into each incredibly detailed picture.

I love that this book can be enjoyed by a range of ages. I also love that it reinforces Bible stories without being too cutesy. I’ve seen so many Disney/Pixar search and find books, and I really like having one that magnifies the greatest story ever told. After all, only by falling in love with the Book of books can my children enjoy a real happy-ever-after life.

Thanks again to Tyndale for providing this book for free in exchange for my honest review.


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