Review of Egypt’s Sister

I first fell in love with the writing of Angela Hunt as a child when I read her classic, The Tale of the Three Trees. Recently when she shared her expertise as a guest on the Jerry Jenkins Writers Guild, I found I had more in common with her than I could’ve dreamed.

Like me, she got her start writing boring articles about random products and services like HVAC repair and Joe Plumber’s business copy. She had kids, and she wrote to get to stay home with them.

Hearing that encouraged me more than I can tell you. When she said her first book got published because she entered a contest, hope flooded me. Now with over 140 books to her credit, she’s proven a stay-at-home mom can enjoy a successful writing career, help contribute to her family financially, and bless the world while she’s at it. (Did I mention she wrote the book version of The Nativity Story? My favorite movie ever? You need to see it. Or read it. Or both.)

Her most recent novel, Egypt’s Sister, transported me back to the early days of the Roman Empire, right during the zenith of Julius Caesar’s reign.

Through the eyes of Chavah, a pampered Jewish playmate to the notorious Cleopatra, I stepped into a world that’s heretofore been shrouded in dusty antiquity except for old Elizabeth Taylor movies (which are also pretty ancient, and which I can’t recommend, since I never saw any. Except National Velvet. But I digress).

Anyway, if you’re a history buff like I am, you’ll enjoy this journey to a forgotten world where slaves blended into the tapestry, yet their stories were as vivid as any woven mural, and their lives worth far more but esteemed far less than the marble busts they dusted.

I loved getting such a well-researched glimpse into the fabulous intimate lives of people like Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, and Mark Antony. Much of the book read like a John Wayne movie, and I was pleased to watch the main character grow from a self-centered child to a strong, wise woman.

Such a unique story idea could only come from a master novelist, and I look forward to learning much more from Angela Hunt as I continue growing as a writer.

Much thanks to Bethany House Publishers for providing this book for free in exchange for my honest review. 


2 thoughts on “Review of Egypt’s Sister

  1. Hi Rebekah,
    How are you doing? What story are you working on? I’m getting my second novel edited after working on it for 7 years off and on. I found an older lady, Adele Brinkley, on LinkedIn who has edited hundreds of books to lawyer’s documents. Your review on Egypt’s Sister was so colorful you made me want to read it. My favorite Christmas movie is also THE NATIVITY STORY but I never knew it was a book written by Angela Hunt. I love how Angela let the kind, faithful Joseph’s selflessness win over Mary’s heart, little by little, as they roughed it to Bethlehem. I had my first baby at 45 and I can’t imagine sitting on a donkey for that long of a trip over such a rugged terrain. I’m so glad Mary did it or I we wouldn’t have gotten Jesus. The delivery scene in the cave with the star shining down through the big hole in the ceiling of the cave always takes my breath away! My other favorite movie of Jesus is JESUS OF NAZARETH. Back in the late 80s when I taught school in a church, I checked it out so many times from a video store for my sixth-grade class, they offered it to me for half price.
    Have a blessed day!
    Kathy M Storrie


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