My Story

Review of Sunlight Burning at Midnight

I woke up feeling worse than blah. Defeated, like a wannabe who’ll never make it. 

Then I discovered my external hard drive, which had rescued my business when my computer started to crash, was in the death throes itself. Waves of discouragement rolled over me as it hit me that my book was on there…and my graphic design stuff…and all those pictures since the twins were born. All John’s baby pictures. So much work. Gone. Years of it. 

Review of Where We Belong

I searched for the expected syrupy fluff you’d expect of story set in the age of hoop skirts and Queen Victoria. 

Instead I got women shedding their hoops to sneak into a filthy factory. Or hiking their skirts up to [gasp] their ankles to climb aboard a camel and trek across the Sinai. 

These are my kinda girls!