The Power of a Woman

What Is That in Your Hand?

What am I holding onto for dear life, certain that this one thing is going to get me wherever it is I’m going? Is it my writing? My art? My marriage? My parenthood? My home? My friends? My dorky humor?

I have a feeling whatever it is has the potential to become the very thing I’m afraid of. 

The Night I Disobeyed

I’d still keep it as my deep, dark secret, except that tonight I have that same burning “you have to share this.” Call me crazy. Maybe I am. But I’ve lived enough life now to know that God does move us. And we’re crazy not to listen when He speaks. 

Suffragettes, Hipsters, and Hope

Ever wonder how we got here? What changed the fanciful world from Anne Shirley’s Lake of Shining Waters to the ferocious world of Katniss Everdeen’s Hunger Games?

What was it about their mothers’ world that spurred 1900s women to don suffragette ribbons and attack police officers in their determination to open voting to women?