If You Never Plant…

Involuntarily, her eyes darted to the photo on the wall. How quickly two years passed! Didn’t it seem like yesterday he was a baby? And now her eight-year-old reasoned with all the wisdom of a sage.


“Help, Lord!”

“Well, my dear, I awoke at four this morning and had such a precious three hours communing with the Lord.”

Courtney stared at her friend’s perfect manicure and nodded. She inwardly cringed…

…Dirt Don’t Hurt

“Mama, stop,” my son said. “You need to rest.”

I shrugged him off. “I’m not tired!”

“No, Mama, let us! We can do it!”

I ignored him. The sun and the dirt felt so good. Well, the dirt drying on my hands was kinda fingernails-on-chalkboard. But so worth it.

Review of Deep Undercover

It’s unnerving, realizing that KGB operatives openly communicated in plain sight on American streets, oftentimes transmitting information about American citizens and their families. It’s heartening to think how God directed so many steps to lead this spy to peace and rest.