A Time to Listen, part 1

Now, you have to understand, the Gattos are special. Not just because their kids are so stinkin’ cute, or because they have the best sense of style of anybody I know, but also because they are a colorful family. If you get my drift.

No, It Can’t Wait

I admit there are a ton of things about heaven that I don’t understand. I don’t know when a child becomes responsible before God.

I believe definitely, that if a child has become concerned about his soul, it is a sign that he is probably answerable and is in desperate need of a Saviour.

A Time for Peace

I just deactivated my Facebook again this week. Yes, again. *Blush*

There comes a time when the waves of whining, angst of worry, and streaming comments of disagreement discussion just get to be too much. Really, though, that wasn’t what initially got me itching to unplug.