What Is That in Your Hand?

What am I holding onto for dear life, certain that this one thing is going to get me wherever it is I’m going? Is it my writing? My art? My marriage? My parenthood? My home? My friends? My dorky humor?

I have a feeling whatever it is has the potential to become the very thing I’m afraid of. 

I Found Mercy

Sitting in children’s church, I’d cringe listening to Mr. Leroy and Mrs. Delane as they told us about Adam and Eve’s sin.

No, It Can’t Wait

I admit there are a ton of things about heaven that I don’t understand. I don’t know when a child becomes responsible before God.

I believe definitely, that if a child has become concerned about his soul, it is a sign that he is probably answerable and is in desperate need of a Saviour.

Why Punishment Isn’t a Bad Word

If a child doesn’t have any experience with being punished, how will he understand the sacrifice of Jesus, who was punished in his place for all the child’s sins?

It is not love to withhold careful punishment. It’s every bit as abusive as the parent who snatches his child up in the heat of the moment and beats him.

One feels the pain now. The other feels it for eternity.

A Time for Peace

I just deactivated my Facebook again this week. Yes, again. *Blush*

There comes a time when the waves of whining, angst of worry, and streaming comments of disagreement discussion just get to be too much. Really, though, that wasn’t what initially got me itching to unplug.